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i am fashion

Name: kat
E-mail: // aim: Trousers vs God
Birthday/Age: feb 7 -- 16 y.o.
Where: sacramento, ca
Significant Others: myself. nah, just kidding.
Piercings/Tattoos: 8 in ears. no tats

10 Bands/Music: interpol. kings of leon. bishop allen. bright eyes. the microphones. the caesars. the dandy warhols. cursive. all girls summer fun band. pedro the lion.
Films/TV Show: threes company. i <3 the 80s. saved by the bell. pete and pete. rocko's modern life. y tu mama tambien. amorres perros. rock and roll highschool. empire records. dangerous lives of alterboys. biodome. dumb and dumber. 200 cigarettes.
Drink: diet vanilla coke.
Club/Hang out: wherever, with coffee and/or music.
Item Of Clothing: members-only jacket. le coq sportif track jackets. checkered vans. old burb scarf i got from gramps' closet.

pick one:
the beatles OR elvis: elvis, he was dope in that white sparkley unisuit with the big collar. w00t.
coca~cola OR pepsi: c-c
lust OR love: rockstars -> lust. nice boys -> love ♥
lemon or lime: lime-a-licious
money OR happiness: happiness.
deaf OR blind (what would you rather be): blind, bumping into things is mildly amusing when you're bored. :)

the matrix OR lord of the rings OR star wars: the old starwars.

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