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i am fashion

Name: kat
E-mail: // aim: Trousers vs God
Birthday/Age: feb 7 -- 16 y.o.
Where: sacramento, ca
Significant Others: myself. nah, just kidding.
Piercings/Tattoos: 8 in ears. no tats

10 Bands/Music: interpol. kings of leon. bishop allen. bright eyes. the microphones. the caesars. the dandy warhols. cursive. all girls summer fun band. pedro the lion.
Films/TV Show: threes company. i <3 the 80s. saved by the bell. pete and pete. rocko's modern life. y tu mama tambien. amorres perros. rock and roll highschool. empire records. dangerous lives of alterboys. biodome. dumb and dumber. 200 cigarettes.
Drink: diet vanilla coke.
Club/Hang out: wherever, with coffee and/or music.
Item Of Clothing: members-only jacket. le coq sportif track jackets. checkered vans. old burb scarf i got from gramps' closet.

pick one:
the beatles OR elvis: elvis, he was dope in that white sparkley unisuit with the big collar. w00t.
coca~cola OR pepsi: c-c
lust OR love: rockstars -> lust. nice boys -> love ♥
lemon or lime: lime-a-licious
money OR happiness: happiness.
deaf OR blind (what would you rather be): blind, bumping into things is mildly amusing when you're bored. :)

the matrix OR lord of the rings OR star wars: the old starwars.

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i say yes.
♥ you!


14 years ago


14 years ago

i was leaning towards no, but the microphones, pedro, dumb and dumber and saved by the bell totally won me over. you seem neat.

i understand.
it is so very hard to say no to AC Slater and Zach Morris.
Thanks for the yes
especially when they both sport amazing hair.
ie: greasy curly wet mullet, and surfer boy hair


14 years ago


14 years ago


14 years ago

one of the first things myself and rhys said about xscarfxcorex is certain scarfs would not be allowed. Burb scarfs are the worst, in the uk, they mean a certain thing, rude boys, fakeness, and markets.

but your american, you listened to duran duran (<3) you like the dandy warhols (sorry beastie, campy gets this one), saved by the bell, rocko's modern life, empire records.

one of the best applications i've read - FACT

you rule


yeah the burb's an iffy one, i agree.

you rule thank you for the yes
yes yes
holy shit. yes x137891r273r89278347189274286y297r8qwehiowuf8u you are officially my favorite applicant of all time.
so in other words, you hate my guts?

danke for the thumbs-up. youre way rad :)
yeah pretty much. NO I LOVE YOU !! ~~ you're very welcome
well your answers were pretty great.
but i was taken aback by you chosing evils over the beatles... i didnt know that was possible.
but still yes