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i am fashion

Name: alex marie
E-mail: gl0ryxfades @ yahoo . com
Birthday/Age: 10-29-87
Where: ny
Significant Others: matt skiba <3 hah
Piercings/Tattoos: [3] lip, ears/ tattoo coming soon

10 Bands/Music:
its kinda hard naming only ten but: the postal service, deathcab for cutie, the mars volta,  bright eyes, thursday, coheed and cambria, armor for sleep, glassjaw, the early november and ect.
Films/TV Show: adult swim: family guy, aqua team hunger force, futurama,  the disney channel + most extreme elimination challenge!
Drink: is it bad if im a total lush. alcoholic beverages.
Club/Hang out: st marks place, 14th street, irving plaza, the knitting factory, the downtown, penn station, roseland, 42nd street ect.
Item Of Clothing: my nine west scarf. oh oh you better believe it + my hotass track jacket

pick one:
the beatles OR elvis:
how bout the beatles dressed up like elvis
coca~cola OR pepsi: whatever has less caffiene
lust OR love: lust now, love later
lemon OR lime: lime
money OR happiness: happiness
deaf OR blind (what would you rather be): im already deaf. selective hearing!

the matrix OR lord of the rings OR star wars:
ehhh, i never last through long movies.

on with the pictures [6] 

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