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i am fashion

E-mail:I don't bother with e-mail. I'm all about the AIM
Birthday/Age:November 24,1988 I am 15 years of age
Significant Others:Baby jesus
Piercings/Tattoos:Two holes in my ears.

10 Bands/Music:Dashboard Confessional,Taking Back Sunday,Mars Volta,Alkaline Trio,Brand New,Death Cab For Cutie,Bright Eyes,The Cure,Co&Ca,At The Drive in.etc.
Films/TV Show:The Breakfast Club,The Goonies,Sweet Sixteen,The Simpson's,Rock Countdown,Rockzilla,History channel documentary's i find very interesting.
Drink:Strawberry Smoothie from The Coffee Beanery is the ultimate drink.
Club/Hang out:The Harvey Grange, best place for local shows in Delaware
Item Of Clothing:My scarves, of course.

pick one:
the beatles OR elvis:The Beatles, I am a sucker for bowl cuts.
coca~cola OR pepsi:Coca'Cola the pimp of all things cola.
lust OR love:Love
lemon OR lime:Lemon
money OR happiness:Happiness
deaf OR blind (what would you rather be):I suppose blind, I could not live without music.

the matrix OR lord of the rings OR star wars:Lord of the Rings, fo sho.

I have a thing for all things black and white.
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